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Peel & Company has created this internet protocol to help provide a clear and consistent presentation of the Peel & Company trademarks while providing the maximum freedom of expression. By following Peel & Company's Internet protocol, you should realize a better, more attractive web site.


1. Display of the "Peel & Company" logo: The "Peel & Company" logo must always stand alone, not be combined with any other graphic or be placed against a background that hinders its readability. 2. Required link: The "Peel & Company" logo must always be an active link to this URL: In addition, the IMG tag must have the property: border="0". 3. No alterations allowed: The "Peel & Company" logo must not be altered in ANY way. The logo may not be taken apart, changed in proportion, color or fonts, shrunk, enlarged or otherwise altered from the version supplied by Peel & Company. 4. Positive Presentation: The site must portray Peel & Company and its products in a positive and flattering manner. 5. Images: The use of images from any Peel & Company web site or any printed material from Peel & Company is strictly prohibited.

Changes to the Peel & Company's Internet Protocol

Peel & Company reserves the right to change this protocol and the standards at its sole discretion.


The above logos are the only approved method of displaying the company brand. Do not stretch or re-size the logo for any reason. If you application requires a high resolution logo, please feel free to contact us so we can send the appropriate file.

About Us

Peel & Company is dedicated to providing you with luxurious and refined pieces that will add beauty, style, and sophistication to every room.  Our unique hand-woven rugs and pillows are quickly becoming the choice of selective rug dealers, interior designers, and architects around the world.  

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2850 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone: (504) 539-5595
Fax: (504) 539-5598
Toll Free: 1-888-451-PEEL

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