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The Oushak (also spelled Ushak) is a term used to describe a rug that was typical of the rugs woven in and around the city of Oushak in Turkey. The word refers to a loosely knotted Turkish weave. The coloring and patterning was done in Turkey from about 200 years ago and continues in the same tradition today. The Peel Oushaks are reproductions of the earliest Oushaks. The weave is done with a Turkish knot. This knot is distinct from a Persian knot in that it is twisted in a different way. The twisting of the knot causes the wool to lie at an angle. After the rug is sheared, the wool is sheared off at an angle and when the light hits the rug it will appear much darker when you look at it from one direction than it does from the other. This effect can be very dramatic in some of the rugs. Oushaks were traditionally done in a very loose weave, about 70 lines per linear food (referred to as “70 line”). The density of a rug’s knotting is referred to as its quality. The higher the density, the better the quality. This reference is really a result of the amount of work required to knot the rug. Obviously the higher density or “knot count” the more time it took to weave it and the more expensive it will be. Many people describe a rug’s knotting by “knots per square inch” instead of line count. 70 lines per linear foot is equivalent to about 34 knots per square inch. Very fine Persian rugs can have a knot density of up to 400 knots per square inch. If you look at the back of our Oushak rugs, you can see the looseness of the weave. This is intentional because the loose weave adds authenticity and charm so that the reproduction more closely imitates the original. The color palette of an Oushak is also of a certain type. It will typically have shades of coral, aqua, golds and reds in faded shades. Oushaks are very popular as a decorative item today because of this color palette – the rug is easy to decorate with because its softness doesn’t fight with other colors or textures in a room. Elay developed our line of Oushaks after extensive research and a lengthy product development cycle. The result of this effort is that we have the best designed, and most desirable product available in this category and our price is unbeatable.  

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